Beyond Human

"A near future, where humanity advanced quickly, nature recovered and the never-ending keynote of endless expansion stopped existing thanks to science, culture and art. Only some people prefer to live off the grid in small communities outside of the vertical cities. Who knows who they are or why they are ... against us?"

"Beyond Human" Phoenix, AZ (2092 AD) - Environment design "Beyond Human" Camp (Phoenix area) - Environment design
"Beyond Human" Phoenix, AZ (2092 AD) - Callout sheet
"Beyond Human" Camp (Phoenix area) - Callout sheet

This was my submission to the Artstation Environment Design Challenge. Following the button below, you can find the full submission including high-resolution versions, close ups, process posts, 3D models, a soundtrack and more.

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Dhyana is a therapeutic VR game to encourage relaxation and focusing attention. I developed the game design, provided the concept art and worked closely with the 3D artist, programmer and psychologist.

"Dhyana" environment concept art "Dhyana" - Callout sheet

Its special requirements were a high replay value and a controller-less design letting the user interact with his surrounding only by vitals such as the breathing rate and viewing direction.


It's a local two-player game. Dive into panoramic paintings and discover LEAVE! I developed the game-, UI-, Character and Level-Design, wrote the story, animated, programmed, created the in-game artwork and illustrated the backstory.

Preview of LEAVE - The laboratory

LEAVE was presented at the Parcours-Exhibition in Münster, Germany. Visitors were able to play the game and use a one-to-one replica of the real portal from the game and were teleported through a head-mounted display. This way they could visit the three scenes, experience them with 3D sound, explore and discover the world of LEAVE.

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More of my work

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Children's book excerpts

Illustration from my children's book "Travellers" (24 pager)
Illustration from my children's book "Travellers" (24 pager)
Illustration from my children's book "Travellers" (24 pager)

Winner of the "PICTURE THIS - International Picturebook Illustration Competition 2017",
awarded by the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society (UK) and Lemniscaat Publishers (NL).

Personal illustrations

Chris Hinz Art "Rush Hour"
Chris Hinz Art graphite sketch from my sketchbook
Chris Hinz Art "the National" concert sketch
Chris Hinz Art "The Encounter" inspirational concept art for a video game

Hello there!

My name is Chris Hinz. I'm a german designer specialised in conceptualisation, visual development and illustration for games and films.

Chris Hinz Portrait

I sketch, draw, paint, create and find visual solutions. I'm a sketchbook-carrier, workflow-crafter, creative problem solver, an explorer.

In the past, I worked with amazing colleagues and clients in editorial, theater, video games, UX design and advertisement.

I want to inspire others and myself. And I do love coffee!

There are so many things to create.
And we can create anything!

Contact me

Feel free to ask anything, say hi, hire me or lets team up!
I will send a detailed résumé on request.